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Perfecting Imperfections- Taylor’s 5 Friday Tips

taylor pageant pic

My sweet friend Taylor Lanning Minter is a former beauty queen and has fabulous makeup advice. Taylor was crowned Miss Bay Area USA in 2004 and Miss Houston in 2010. Today she is going to share her secrets to perfecting imperfections.

Ok John Legend since we don’t all look like your gorgeous wife and model Chrissy Teigen when we wake up in the morning, I am putting together my top 5 list on loving your perfect imperfections and how to maybe camouflage them a little 🙂

1) Blend your way to perfection – The Beauty Blender is a must have for every woman, I mean come on ladies they call it makeups best friend! I am a Beauty Blender believer… And if you don’t want to listen to me maybe you should listen to every other magazine, makeup artist or celebrity bragging about it. It is a small investment at $19 and do not try to get a cheaper imitation. This is the real deal, just wet this tiny little miracle under the sink and beat that little face beautiful. It has a great egg shape for both large and small surface areas. It eliminates lines and streaks, gets into tiny creases, and is great for blending in contouring!

2) Bags and lines… We don’t like them in the airport and we don’t like them on our face – Have no fear ladies COVERGIRL Professional loose powder is here! This is one of my favorite products to share with friends. It is a translucent powder that I put on top of my liquid highlighter or foundation. It goes under the eyes using a fluff brush or your Beauty Blender to get rid of bags and lines and make you appear to have slept for 1,000 years even if your running on a couple hours. It also has another important job, catching all of your eyeshadow that falls from your eyes when using brushes. The best part is that it’s less than $7. I have bought similar powders from artists and makeup counters alike for $30 or more. Grab this on your next trip to the grocery store or get it online at .

3) Flawless foundation – If you have something you need to cover up or a bad break out, Kat Von D Lock It foundation is your answer !! I love this foundation and use it myself for when I am going to an event. It has amazing covearage but still looks smooth on the skin! If it can cover a tattoo it can probably handle whatever you need! It has no parabens and can be worn for 24 hours without coming off and contains natural polymers to help absorb oil and keep you matte. I use it with the Lock and Load setting mist which I put on the top 5 list a couple weeks ago. At $35 I feel like it is a great price and you can get it at

4) A sticky way to perfect – putting food on your face may be the BEST way to get that perfect looking skin you have been dreaming about. I personally love this tip and do it at home all the time…Honey mask. If your looking to get the glowing skin and maybe need some help fighting acne look to the bees for help. Buy a raw, unpasteurized honey at the store or local hive to make sure all the enzymes and nutrients are in tact. Simply apply the honey directly to your face up to twice a day for 10 minutes or up to an hour and then rise off with water when done. You will be amazed by the results, most people do not know that honey is the best natural antibiotic there is! Your skin will be glowing, feel amazing, and you will see blemishes vanish!

5) Scrubbing out stretch marks and cellulite – Tis the season to swim and for some of us that may cause high anxiety about how we look in our swim wear. I don’t care who you are every woman has cellulite somewhere… and most mothers have stretch marks from harboring our humans in our bellies for 9 months! I have a solution to help stretch marks fade and cellulite disappear. A coffee scrub is a great way to help these two issues. You can purchase online at or use the left over grounds from your coffee at home. The coffee is absorbed into the body through the skin (our largest organ) and the caffeine helps to increase blood flow and circulation. Resulting in beautiful skin that is ready for the teeny weeny bikini or anything else for that matter.

Hope you all enjoy, like, and share Perfecting Imperfections: Taylor’s 5 Friday Tips. Visit the blog next Friday for more tips to glam-up your weekend! Wishing you all a fabulously, glam weekend!

Author-Taylor Lanning Minter

Keeping It True & Real with Theresa Roemer

therea roemer clothing

I had the pleasure of interviewing Theresa Roemer who launched her True and Real clothing line in October of 2014. Theresa describes her clothing line as a cross between Donna Karan and Michael Kors with a very California chic feel. Her collection consists of pieces that pack, and wear well because she travels frequently. I asked her why she chose the name True and Real for her collection and Theresa explained, “Because that is who I am. I am very true and very real. What you see is what you get. I’m not a phony, there are no ‘smoke and mirrors.’ Just Real!”

I love her collection because this is an easy-wear collection, which encompasses figure flattering materials like Ponte knit with ideal pieces—like the perfect go-to pants and skirts. The simple line is designed for women to add their own embellishments to an uncongested canvas with statement jewelry and fashion add-ons to make each outfit pop. True & Real Fashion features interchangeable basic pieces, which act as building blocks within a wardrobe to help women dress for day to evening. The line is comprised of simple tones of solid black, grey, and brown.

Theresa stays very busy with her collection, but she also stays very busy with helping many people though philanthropy. She is a supporter of many local, national, and international charities. Theresa is a board member for Child Legacy International. She has made frequent trips to Malawi to build sustainable programs for children teaching them how solar and wind create electricity, and installing clean water filtration systems. She is also a member of the Circle of Red for the America Heart Association, and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Theresa has been an ambassador for the Texas Children’s Hospital since 2008. She also supports Child Legacy International, American Heart Association, Kids Need More, Dress for Success, and The Women’s Home.

Theresa has also raised a significant amount of money for various charities by hosting charity events in her amazing 3,000 square foot closet. Not only does she host charity events in her closet, but Theresa also donates items out of her closet, which are used as silent auction charity items. Recently, Theresa donated a $10,000 Oscar de la Renta evening gown to benefit The Women’s Home. You have the opportunity to purchase this gown on August 19th, 2015, at the Wortham Center at the 6th annual reNew and reDo fashion show where Theresa will be recognized as a fashion icon for more information please visit .

Theresa attributes her success to her belief in God, and her perseverance, and never giving up. I asked Theresa what advice she would give other women entrepreneurs. She advises women who are trying to become successful entrepreneurs to find their goal(s), stay focused, be persistent, and know that the only person standing in the way of your success is yourself.

Theresa’s collection True & Real is sold online at and at Serente in Uptown Park in Houston at . Prices range from about $250-350 for separates and about $350 for dresses. Theresa loves fitness and she will be launching a fitness wear collection in the near future. You can also find out more information about Theresa at .

Mysterious by NPN-Eastern Traditions Fused with Western Modernity

mysterious npn 2

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Nguyen who is a Houston designer who showed his collection last night at Houston Fashion Week-Red Dress Gala. Nicholas was born in Vietnam, and moved to Houston at 15. While attending UHD and studying International Business, Nicholas began pursuing his true passion—fashion. After graduating two years ago, he launched Mysterious by N.P.N. The collection fuses Vietnamese traditions with a Western modern twist. Nicholas describes his collection, “My designs are very sophisticated and romantic. I want the person wearing the garment to feel sexy, strong, and radiate confidence. A little eastern; a little western, and voila, c’est Mysterious by NPN!”

Nicholas was nominated for the 2013 F.A.C.E. awards, and won! He also made the cover of AbOut Magazine. Nicholas has had the honor of showing those designs in Austin, and Dallas, fashion week 2014, and as a result he was featured in Dallas Fab Magazine. Nicholas’s line only launched two years ago, and he has already showed at Houston Artopia, and New York Fashion week. 2015 has brought exciting opportunities for Mysterious by NPN. Recently, Nicholas won the Critic Choice Mash Up Award from AFW 2015-spring show. I love how Nicholas Nguyen fuses eastern traditions with western modernity, which creates a unique style. Mysterious by NPN is in the process of launching an on-line store, which will be ready in a couple of months. Designs can be ordered on his website at

Summer 2015 Makeup Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Tammie and Taylor theresa's

Glam up your weekend and stay hot with these easy, quick makeup tips-Taylors’s top 5 What’s Hot & Tammie’s Top 5 What’s Not. Stay current-know what to try and what to avoid.

What’s Hot:

1) Summer time FUN! Put some color on those lips. Bring on the pinks, berries, peaches, bright orange-reds and more! Remember when trying out this look to think about your outfit and eye makeup when playing with lip colors. Also, try putting your lips on first ladies before you put on your blush and bronzer. You may need a little less depending on the lip color.

2) When in doubt wings out – It’s all about the winged eyeliner in 2015! Adding a little line to the outside corner of your eye may sound simple enough, but it must be done cleanly and correctly. You can use a pencil or go with a liquid liner to accomplish this look. If you use a pencil, you may also want to take a liner/angle eyebrow brush and go over it with black shadow. This will create a deeper impact, and refined wing tip.

3) Brown is the new black – On the eyes that is…eyeshadows and smokey looks done in the brown and taupe family are so in for Summer 2015! I also feel like this brown eyed beauty craze perfectly coincides with the khaki and military green fashion trend happening right now. It’s a match made in heaven!

4) Eye popping color – This next trend is still all about the eyes but in a very colorful way. This pop art eye makeup got a little crazy on the runway but we have seen it done beautifully in pale blues on the lid almost like eyeliner. Another really hot shade to try on the eyes is purple. I also love putting a color liner on the inside of the lower lid which is also on trend. Recently, Kim Kardashian was spotted sporting this look with a bright aqua on display on the inside of her lower lid.

5) Bare naked – looking that is. This barely there makeup look is just that…a look so don’t freak ladies. You will still get to use the bare necessities to achieve this effortless natural look. You will need a fine powder, light blush, pinky-nude lipstick and a little mascara. But, remember it is supposed to look like you have nothing on!

What’s Not:

1) Contouring can create an appearance of beautiful, sculpted cheekbones, and a smaller nose. This spring it is all about natural contouring. Noticeable contouring is so last season.

2) Fake-looking lashes are a thing of the past. This season natural lashes are what’s hot. All you need is a good quality mascara-Maybelline Lash Blast mascara and Dior Show are excellent choices. Apply several coats, and you are ready to go. If you still want to wear fake eyelashes, a natural look is on trend.

3) Plumped, injected lips have been popular for quite a while and over-drawn lip liner. Over-drawn lips are out this season. If you want to create a fuller lip, light pastel shades and lip gloss will make your lips appear fuller and create a more natural appearance. The idea is to make your lips look proportionate to the rest of your face. Avoid the fake-look lip this season.

4) Frame your face-Eyebrows are so important the wrong shaped eyebrow can completely destroy your overall look. The overly squared eyebrow that is heavily drawn in with a pencil looks harsh and fake: this look is out this season. The natural look is simple to achieve. Always make sure your eyebrows are tweezed, or threaded following your natural arch. Then, lightly color them in with a pencil.

5) Nailed it-Say good-bye to eagle talon nail tips, and nail art. Enjoy your natural nails. Short nails are in this spring. Try natural looking colors or choose bright and bold. Just keep them short. I took my shellac off last week. At first, I didn’t like it at all. Now, I love my short nails. This nail trend will save you time and money!

Hope you all enjoy, like, and share the Friday Summer Makeup Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not this week. Visit the blog next Friday for more tips to glam-up your weekend! Wishing you all a fabulously, glam weekend!

Glam-Up Your Weekend: 10 Splurge & Conserve Makeup Tips

Tammie and Taylor (2)

Tammie and Taylor have teamed up for a Friday Splurge and Conserve Be Fashion Friends post. You can find helpful makeup and fashion tips every Friday to glam-up your weekend. This week Tammie will offer splurge suggestions and Taylor will offer conserve suggestions.

Tammie’s Top 5 Splurge Tips:

1. Foundation is the key to everything. If you want your face to look gorgeous in person, and in photographs, splurging on foundation is a must! Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is my go to foundation. Ask any make-up artist this is a must—splurge. It is basically, liquid gold in a bottle. This always tops the list of best foundations. Personally, I started using this foundation over 10 years ago. This foundation is expensive -$62, but it truly last all day, and you do not have to apply a lot for coverage.

2. You deserve it! Look fabulous with a powder that truly feels like silk on your face. I love Armani Lasting Silk UV Powder for $52. This truly leaves a silky appearance, and no matter what your skin-type this is amazing!

3. Blush-Orgasm by Nars is an exciting blush with a name you will not forget. This is an expensive blush for $30, but this color looks amazing on any face tone.

4. Hard on the pocket book, but long lasting on the eye-Nars and Mac offer the best pigment, blending capability, and color palettes. Nars individual eyeshadows are $25, but the duos are a better deal for $35. Mac individual eyeshadows are $16, but the palettes are always a better deal.

5. If you want to splurge and love a red lip, Chanel has a Rouge Allure color that is amazing! At $35, this is expensive, but this color has blue under tones instead of orange, and looks fabulous with most skin tones. Pretty red lip colors are difficult to find. Try this because you will love it!

Taylor’s Top 5 Conserve Tips:

1. If you’re not whitening, you are yellowing… Between toothpaste, trays, strips and bleaching pens we have tried it all! My tip for best results on a budget for whitening is Oil Pulling. This is a simple process, just add one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish for up to 20 minutes. It’s ok to start with a smaller amount of time and work your way up. It also has many other benefits such as helping to fight of gingivitis, plaque, and bad breath. There are a couple brands I prefer, Nature’s Way Coconut Oil ($8), and Nutiva Coconut Oil ($20). The main thing to remember for this method of whitening is to purchase USDA organic coconut oil.

2. A lip liner that’s light on the pocket book but heavy on everyday style. It’s pretty much my everyday go-to lip liner and seems to just work with whatever makeup look I am going for. For under $4, Prestige lip liner in Cameo (color) can’t be beat! I am asked all the time what lip liner I use, and where I purchased it. I found mine at HEB but you can also order it online at

3. Long Lashes on the low end! Eyelash extensions are on trend right now, but they are expensive and can cause you to lose your real lashes, or have reactions to the adhesive. Want the same look without all the expense, upkeep, and risk? Look no further than Covergirl LashBlast Volume mascara. I have had several professional makeup artists recommend this mascara. For under $6, it can’t be beat. It is always the best feeling when someone asks if I have faux lashes on, and I get to say no they are all mine!

4. Prime, set, save! Kat Von D Lock N’ Load makeup setting mist is awesome. For $24, the two in one primer, and setting mist is a steal. The weightless mist can be sprayed on before, and after your makeup is applied for a flawless look for up to 16 hours. This primer keeps eyeshadows, blush, and lip color from fading. It won’t leave skin feeling sticky, but will keep makeup from melting when it’s hot and humid. I have been using it pretty much since Kat Von D launched her makeup line.

5. A spray tan that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Houston has heated up and that means it’s time to be outside but what about those white legs that have pretty much been in hibernation all winter. Getting a spray tan is nothing new these days, but since I have a ton of experience in this category because I competed in pageants and was a former Miss Houston. I have literally tried it all… Spray tans can range from $75 to $130. I strongly recommend two products, not only for the reasonable prices, but also for the convenience of doing it on your own schedule. First, Neutrogena Micro Mist for $12 is amazing. It is so easy to apply, and dries quickly, and won’t leave you feeling sticky. Second, I also recommend Sephora Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist; it’s a little more expensive than the Neutrogena Micro Mist at $16 but it gives you color immediately. This is still conservatively priced compared to some other products offered online that can cost $34 to $40. Both of these products will give you a gorgeous natural looking tan without orange palms, streaking, or the high price tag!

Hope you all enjoy the Friday Splurge & Conserve makeup tips this week. Visit the blog next Friday for more tips to glam-up your weekend! Wishing you all a fabulously glam weekend!

Touchdown! Houston Texans Support an Amazing Charity

Project 88 pic

The Neon City of Lights Gala kicked off their inaugural, annual event benefitting Project 88 Foundation on April 24, 2015, at Ecclesia Houston. This was definitely a fashionable event—the women wore beautiful, colorful cocktail dresses, and many gorgeous pageant ladies were in attendance supporting the cause. Impressively, for a first time event the benefit was completely sold-out with over 400 supporters in attendance. Ericka and Garrett Graham founded Project 88 Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. There are a few things you need to know about this impressive, gorgeous, power couple—Garrett Graham is Houston Texans tight end, and wears No. 88, and his wife, Ericka, has a heart of gold.

This event scored a touchdown with all the guests from the very beginning with the cocktail reception. During the cocktail reception, guests were able to mix, and mingle and have photo opportunities with many of the most popular Texans football players including: Garrett Graham, Brian Cushing, Chris Myers, Duane Brown, Randy Bullock, Jon Weeks, Kareem Jackson, Shane Lechler, Cody White, Ben Jones, and Owen Daniels. This event opened with the sounds of DJ RED, and an amazing paint jam performance featuring the renowned artist Dan Dunn. While the supporters enjoyed dinner, the most incredible emcees Devi Dev, and Chester Pitts welcomed, and entertained the crowd. Of course, all benefits have live auctions, but this auction was exceptional because many of the auction items were signed Texans memorabilia. After the auction, the dance floor was packed when the popular 80’s band-The Spazmatics entertained the crowd. Antoinette Latham, owner of Brand Idea Group helped start the foundation, and managed the rockin’ party as the event manager. The event chairs included Hannah and Cal McNair, and Chris and Lisa Seay. Impressively, this inaugural event raised over $200,000.

Unquestionably, this was an incredibly fun, memorable, and entertaining event, but most importantly this event was for a fabulous cause—Project 88 Foundation. After working as a teacher with low-income students, Ericka decided to help tackle educational inequality, and strive to improve the lives of underserved Houston children by offering educational opportunities that they were not receiving. The funds from this event will provide at least 8 of the lowest performing HISD schools with full-time, certified, and trained college advisors for the upcoming school year. Impressively, 10 Eagle U Leadership Camp scholarships will also be provided.

Ericka supports the efforts of her talented husband on the field, but she is also dedicated to making sure the two of them make a difference in their new hometown, Houston. According to Ericka, “At Project 88 Foundation, we are aware that many Houston-area students lack access to information about going to college, and many students in Houston have never considered college as a possibility.” This fabulous new charity, Project 88 Foundation that Ericka and Garett Graham founded will help many low-income Houston children achieve their dream of going to college.

The Neon City of Lights Gala was an amazing event for a great cause. This is definitely a fun charity event with the most Texans players at a charity event in Houston. If you were not able to attend the event this year, mark your calendars, and purchase your tickets early next year. This event will sell out next year, and this is an event that you do not want to miss!