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Nikki Bartlett’s 5 Photo Ready Makeup Tips

Nikki Bartlett

Nikki Bartlett is an amazing makeup artist. She has been doing my hair and makeup for major events for several years. Nikki attended Sam Houston University and has a degree in Graphic Design, and she has over 8 years of experience as an accomplished Makeup Artist. Not only is she a talented makeup artist, but she is also incredibly talented at hair styling. I can give her a picture of any updo, and she creates it easily. Nikki has worked with many talented photographers and has 5 fabulous photo ready makeup tips.

1. Picture Perfect Complexion

SPF protects skin from harmful rays during the day, but photographs poorly because SPF creates a pale appearance. When you want amazing pictures, skip SPF.

2) Creating a Dewy Glow

The best time to moisturize is after you shower or after you wash your face. Moisturize when skin is still moist. Moisturizers are intended to lock moisture into skin, not add moisture.

3) Create a Gorgeous Pout

Line your lips with your favorite lip liner. Then, fill them in with the same lip liner. Add your favorite lipstick over the lip liner. This will create the appearance of beautiful full lips.

4) Use Contouring to Create a Slimmer Nose

Many women confuse bronzers for contour. These are two very different things! Bronzers contain a slight shimmer to a full on shimmer and contour is a flat matte color. Bronzers should be applied to tops of cheekbones and center of nose for a dewy glow. However, contour should be placed under cheekbones and around the hairline to frame and warm-up the face. Contour is also used on the sides of the nose, which will create a slimmer appearance.

5) Long Lush Lashes

The trick to making your eyes look bigger and more open is sometimes not with eyeshadows. Your lashes are key for this trick. Curl really well with a good quality lash curler. Nikki recommends using Shu Uemura. Then, add a good layer of mascara. Increase drama by adding a second layer of mascara to outer lashes.

You can visit Nikki Bartlett’s website at . Appointment requests can be submitted online or by phone at 281-704-5634.

Tammie’s Friday Tips-5 Fashionable Htown Father’s Day Ideas

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I am a last minute gift shopper. I am sure many of you are scrambling trying to come up with Father’s Day gift ideas. Take a deep breath and do not panic. There is still time. You live in Houston and have awesome choices for perfect gift ideas for Dad or your hubby. Spoil that special man in your life with these fashionable Htown Father’s Day gift ideas.

1. Upscale grooming: Your special man will enjoy a gift certificate to Martin’s Gentlemen Salon, which offers an upscale and modern environment where men can relax while getting groomed, and enjoy a glass of wine or scotch and catch up on news or sports, all while receiving a scalp massage, hot towel, and haircut. To further enhance their experience, Dad can enjoy a manicure/pedicure. shav

2. Fashionable boots: Check out Lucchese’s Bannock roper boots, available in seven colors; $595 at Lucchese Houston.

3. Made in the Shade: A pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses will pilot dad into any situation with a large degree of style.

4. The Lucky Man: No men’s fragrance is as desired as Green Irish Tweed. Crisp, sporty, and indulgent. This cologne can be purchased for $175-$470 at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

5. Fear the Beard: Father’s Day gift giving is not complete in Houston without supporting Houston sports! The Houston Rockets had an awesome year and next year will be even better. Help Dad support Htown with a Houston Rockets baseball cap, jersey or t-shirt! Or, purchase season tickets through Brittney Randolph, Houston Rockets Season Ticket Account Executive at 713-758-7414. Father’s and hubby’s are also ready for football season. Support our Houston Texans and purchase your NFL gear now!

Brittney’s Tips-Sensational Scents For You & Dad

Brittney blog pic
Fresh scents to make you feel flawless

Gucci Guilty- SO you know that smell that makes all the boys drool and act like their children because their automatically attracted and you don’t want any other female to know the secret because you want all the attention for yourself? I am pretty much kicking myself for releasing this sexy little secret to all you lovelies. Working in a basketball arena around a lot of men, I have never gotten such positive response from a perfume or complimented 100% of the time by my fragrance as I did with this perfume. It is sexy, subtle, seductive, and leaves an irresistible smell that guys seem to go coo coo for! I don’t think any other phrase but “yummy” is the best expression to explain it-when it comes to men and this perfume. I will say the only down-fall would be that it does not last as long as I would desire, but it is probably my favorite. If I were to describe a movie it reminds me of when I wear it, the movie would have to be Cruel Intentions. Also, the cost is great! I would say it is an average price for a true perfect perfume. 1.6 Ounce $77 2.5 Ounce $99,

Other Must Have Picks:
Victoria Secrets Tease 1.7 Oz $49 (Not easy to travel with)
Georgia Armani Acqua Di Giola 1.7 Oz $69
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 1.6 Oz $90
Tom Ford Black Orchid 1.7 Oz $112
Tom Ford Costa Azurra 1.7 Oz $215
Cartier La Panthere 1.6 Oz $108
Pink Sugar Pink Sugar 1.7 Oz $45

Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Your Hubby, Dad, or for your favorite boy toy!

Creed Aventus – Lets just talk about a to die for head to toe cologne for a man. This was God’s creation to a man this cologne will have you at hello. Creeds creations are absolutely irresistible and hard to stop wanting to take a wiff after you have had one. Creed is also every lasting and last a man a full 24 hours which we as ladies know is a tough task for a cologne to conquer with all their manly sweat! But this cologne I think may be one of the best from Creed. I am a Huge creed cologne fan I will say they come with quite a price though. For a good up to par alternative for a lower cost, I highly suggest Yves Saint Laurent Le Homme which is pretty magnificent as well! 1 Oz $175 2.5 Oz $290 4 Oz $350 8.4 Oz $470

Other perfect Picks:
Yves Saint Laurent Le Homme 2 Oz $67
Creed Himalaya 1 Oz $175
Creed Green Irish Tweed 1 Oz $175
Versace Eros 1.7 Oz $62
Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb 1.7 Oz $90
Tom Ford Noir 1.7 Oz $100
Paco Rabanne Invictus 1.7 Oz $62
Versace Man Eau Fraiche 1.7 Oz $59
Chanel Allure Homme Sport 3.4 Oz $89

Brittney Randolph

Be a Bowling Super Hero with Celebrity Guests and Chester Pitts

chester pitts

Wear a cool super hero costume on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 6:00-10:00pm and join us for the Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation’s 4th Annual Strike Out for the Arts located at Bowlmor Houston. This is going to be an awesome Bowling Tournament with over 20 featured celebrity guests. Celebrities include: Ben Jones, Brandon Brooks, Brian Cushing, Charlie Anderson, Chita Johnson, Duane Brown, Glover Quin, Jessie Tuggle, Jonathan Joseph, N.D. Kalu, Paul Wall, Robaire Smith, Shaun Rogers, Travis Johnson, Wade Smith, Whitney Mercilus, Xavier Su’a-Filo & MORE! The amazing Devi Dev from 93.7 The Beat will also be entertaining the crowd as the emcee.

Tickets start at $275 and include: entertainment, bowling, dinner, dessert, signature cocktails, swag bag, shoe rental and a door prize ticket. Get creative and the best dressed super hero team wins a prize package valued at $500.

The Host Committee includes: Stan & Amanda Abiassi, Joann Brito, Brian & Megan Cushing, Dr. Corbet Ellison, Dr. Quang & Staci Henderson, Dr. Charles & Tammie Johnson, Chita Johnson & Lane Craft, Angela Lipsey, Brad & Joanna Marks, Cal & Hannah McNair, and Neera Patidar.

The Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation’s Mission is to support the development of today’s youth through artistic and cultural programs that stimulate minds, broaden knowledge, and embrace the spirit of youth. I had the opportunity to ask Chester Pitts the following questions about his charity- CPCF:

1. Why did you choose this particular charity?

“The stars had to align,….I had to be passionate about however I chose to give back. My mom instilled the value of music in me and my siblings at a very young age, I believe it was a big difference in my upbringing and being successful. Most athletes’ foundations tend to focus on health and wellness, we wanted to set ourselves a part and be distinct. There had to be a need/problem or a broken system. So understanding what helped me and understanding the need, choosing to give back to the arts was a no brainer. There are always budget cuts for Arts programs-visual performing, music, dance, culinary and many more. What I have learned is that there is real value for kids and brain development for kids involved in the arts somehow; stats and numbers don’t lie. Kids that have the Arts are smarter, better students, and more productive.”

2. How many students has your charity assisted?

“Over 600 students with 150 to 200 students being helped this year.”

3. What do you hope to see the charity doing in the future?

“CPCF’s top goal is to find a way to get the Arts written back into the school district budget because every child should have access, and their best shot at being the most productive citizen possible.”

Be a bowling super hero with Chester Pitts and support the Chester Pitts Charitable Foundation. “STRIKE OUT FOR THE ARTS” Charity Bowling event on June 30, 2015 at Bowlmor (925 Bunker Hill Rd., Houston, TX 77024) from 6:00-10:00 pm will be an awesome event and raise money to help transform children’s lives. Tickets are available at

Nailed It! Amazing New Nail Product

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I am obsessed with nails and nail polish. I try to stay on trend with the new colors and latest products. I am always trying the newest and best. The product you choose for nail color is super important because some products can cause premature aging of the hands.

Why is Vinylux the best choice for nails?

1. I have been using Vinylux for a month, and I absolutely love this product!

2. I will never use acrylic or shellac again.

3. Shellac has damaged my hands.

4. Acrylics and shellac have damaged my natural nails.

5. Regular nail polish chips within 2-3 days.

6. Vinylyx is fast! There is almost no drying time:)

7. Vinylux last on my nails for almost two weeks!

8. Vinylux is cost-effective.

The problems with Shellac:

1. Please keep in mind using UV lights with shellac will cause sun damage and potentially cause skin cancer. Always apply sunscreen before getting shellac.

2. Applying shellac to your natural nail bed will always damage your nails.

3. Soaking your hands in acetone will cause premature wrinkling and aging of hands.

The problem with Acrylic:

1. Applying acrylics to your natural nail bed will always damage your nails.

2. Soaking your hands in acetone will cause premature wrinkling and aging of hands.

How do you get Vinylux?

Vinylux is a very new product with a patent pending. This is the Vinylux website . You can view a video about Vinylux at .

Most salons do not carry Vinylux. You can purchase this product at Ulta. There are over ninety trendy, color choices. I purchased Vinylux in Rubble at a local Ulta for $10.50, and the top coat for $10.50. This product requires no base coat, but Vinylux will not work without the Vinylux top coat.

You can take Vinylux and the top coat to a local salon, and ask for a polish change. A polish change at most nail salons is about $10-$20. This has almost no drying time, and Vinylux will last over a week and a half on nails and about two weeks on toe nails. Hope you enjoy this amazing, new long-lasting, cost-effective product that the salons do not want you to know about!

Taylor’s 5 Tips-Hot Summer Colors

Taylor red dress

1 White on white on white – Keep it simple this summer but also stay on trend go with white from head to toe! It is easy and you will be white hot for 2015. You are bound to be able to throw this look together without having to buy anything probably. White jeans or shorts with a white top…simple just keep it white 🙂

2. Catch a fella wearing yella – Yellow is not only bright and beautiful-it is so hot for summer 2015. You will not be missed in this bright stand out color! Go for a beautiful yellow sundress or a shoe. There are also so many shades of yellow to play with and find the right shade for your coloring and skin tone!

3. Salute your greens and kakis – Military green and kaki have become all the range this season and are must have shades for the summer. If you do not have these colors in your wardrobe you should drop and give me 20. Put the two colors together or wear them separately it does not matter as long as you wear them this season!

4. 2015 is all about the blue and white. You can see this trend everywhere right now…navy and white, royal blue and white or cobalt blue and white. There is a color combo for this trend that would look good on everyone. And, with our nations freedom celebration quickly approaching this might be your must have look for the holiday. This trend is also perfect for a nautical look which is also a popular theme for summer 2015!

5. Red HOT summer – We all know Houston gets HOT in the summer but let’s make it even HOTTER with red!!! This gorgeous color can’t be missed and looks great on everyone. Be sure to grab everyone’s attention as the woman in the red dress! If it is too bold of a color for you, try using it as a pop of color with jewelry or a jacket or blazer.