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Fresh scents to make you feel flawless

Gucci Guilty- SO you know that smell that makes all the boys drool and act like their children because their automatically attracted and you don’t want any other female to know the secret because you want all the attention for yourself? I am pretty much kicking myself for releasing this sexy little secret to all you lovelies. Working in a basketball arena around a lot of men, I have never gotten such positive response from a perfume or complimented 100% of the time by my fragrance as I did with this perfume. It is sexy, subtle, seductive, and leaves an irresistible smell that guys seem to go coo coo for! I don’t think any other phrase but “yummy” is the best expression to explain it-when it comes to men and this perfume. I will say the only down-fall would be that it does not last as long as I would desire, but it is probably my favorite. If I were to describe a movie it reminds me of when I wear it, the movie would have to be Cruel Intentions. Also, the cost is great! I would say it is an average price for a true perfect perfume. 1.6 Ounce $77 2.5 Ounce $99,

Other Must Have Picks:
Victoria Secrets Tease 1.7 Oz $49 (Not easy to travel with)
Georgia Armani Acqua Di Giola 1.7 Oz $69
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 1.6 Oz $90
Tom Ford Black Orchid 1.7 Oz $112
Tom Ford Costa Azurra 1.7 Oz $215
Cartier La Panthere 1.6 Oz $108
Pink Sugar Pink Sugar 1.7 Oz $45

Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Your Hubby, Dad, or for your favorite boy toy!

Creed Aventus – Lets just talk about a to die for head to toe cologne for a man. This was God’s creation to a man this cologne will have you at hello. Creeds creations are absolutely irresistible and hard to stop wanting to take a wiff after you have had one. Creed is also every lasting and last a man a full 24 hours which we as ladies know is a tough task for a cologne to conquer with all their manly sweat! But this cologne I think may be one of the best from Creed. I am a Huge creed cologne fan I will say they come with quite a price though. For a good up to par alternative for a lower cost, I highly suggest Yves Saint Laurent Le Homme which is pretty magnificent as well! 1 Oz $175 2.5 Oz $290 4 Oz $350 8.4 Oz $470

Other perfect Picks:
Yves Saint Laurent Le Homme 2 Oz $67
Creed Himalaya 1 Oz $175
Creed Green Irish Tweed 1 Oz $175
Versace Eros 1.7 Oz $62
Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb 1.7 Oz $90
Tom Ford Noir 1.7 Oz $100
Paco Rabanne Invictus 1.7 Oz $62
Versace Man Eau Fraiche 1.7 Oz $59
Chanel Allure Homme Sport 3.4 Oz $89

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