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Shelia Ybarra’s Hot Makeup Technique: “Bake” Your Face in 6 Steps

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Sheila Ybarra is an amazing makeup artist with over 25 years of experience. Shelia has been the official makeup artist to the Houston Texan Cheerleaders for over 10 years, and her work is featured in Miss USA, David Tutera of My fair Wedding, MTV, and E!Online. Not only is she a talented makeup artist, but she is also incredibly talented with hair styling.

I have personally had private one-on-one makeup lessons with Shelia. Her makeup lessons are incredible! She is very detail oriented, patient, and video tapes the lessons. She showed me what color combinations looked best with my skin tone and taught me the proper technique to apply the makeup with brushes. Her makeup lessons have made me feel more confident and less stressed when I apply my makeup. I also love and use Shelia’s professional makeup line, luxury makeup brushes, and skin care products. Shelia has 6 tips that she shared on one of the hottest makeup techniques “baking.”

Have you tried the hottest trending makeup technique called “baking?”

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Don’t worry, we’re not talking about getting into the kitchen and making your own beauty products. Baking is the latest makeup technique to take over YouTube and Instagram. Actually, it is not a new technique at all, but rather a tried and true way to create a smooth, highlighted, creaseless finish. This technique is not for everybody. I would not suggest it on dry or flaky skin. If you have a normal to combination skin, this technique is perfect for you! Here’s how you do it:

1. Start with a flawless canvas by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Apply foundation all over the face with a damp beauty blender patted into the foundation. A matte finish foundation is the best to use for this look. Stipple the moist sponge all over the face to create a light finished coverage. Do not forget to blend down the neck and into the ears.

2. Next, apply and blend in a creamy highlight over your entire t-zone and under the eyes-Makeup by Sheila has the perfect shades to choose from. Remember this shade should be at least two shades lighter than your foundation.

3. Then apply a micro fine loose powder in Bamboo over where you highlighted to soak up any oils and add brightness. This yellow-based, warm-hued transparent powder will give you a beautiful summer glow, for tan or olive skin tones. For those with a fair to medium complexion, I recommend the Translucent powder because it doesn’t add color but helps enhance the natural highlights of the face.

4. Dip a flat face sponge into the setting powder and pack more loose powder onto where you have highlighted your face. This powder should be very loose and not pressed into the skin too deeply.

5. Let this all “bake” on your face for about 10 minutes. This allows your body heat to melt the makeup into your skin and set and highlight the areas where applied. Make sure to let it sit a little bit longer on your T-zone areas if your oily.

6. Using a blush brush, apply a small amount of powder to your brush, then dust away any excess powder as you blend any harsh edges. Make sure to powder and set the rest of the face.

Shelia’s Product Suggestions:
Matte finish liquid
Setting Powders for baking in bamboo and transparent:

Shelia is a sought after makeup artist for weddings and bridal parties, pageants, and special events. You can follow Sheila Ybarra on Instagram @ makeupbysheila and check out her website at Appointment requests can be made online, or by phone at 281-935-7000 or 281-253-3815.

Friday Glam: Taylor’s 5 Quick Makeup Tips

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Oldies but goodies… Some of the best makeup tips from the past you may have forgotten about. Refresh yourself and see if you have been following these simple makeup rules all along! I have also included some new tips to go along with them enjoy the read and be prepared for the next time you need these tips!

1) Puffy eyes no more. Reduce puffy eyes with cold water or applying cold compress (ice cubes in washcloth) 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. This little tip has been around since October of 1987. A fresh take on this tip would be to put your makeup primer in the fridge and apply to your skin cold prior to makeup application for the same type of results. The cold primer will reduce puffiness around the eyes just like the cold compress or water would. You can also try the spoon in the fridge trick too.

2) Mascara that misses its mark. This is an old one, but easily forgotten. I still catch myself messing this up! DON’T lower your chin when applying mascara thats how it gets on your upper lid. This tip first surfaced in April of 1971 and I still forget to keep my chin up. A fresh take on this makeup tip from the past is a spoon behind the lashes held against the eye lid to block mascara from the eye or a small shield that they make just for this reason. I am sure you can pick on up at Sephora or just grab a spoon from the kitchen, your eyes with thank you one day!

3) Long lasting lips. To make lipstick last longer allow it to set for a few minutes after applying. Blot lips with tissue and dust with powder, then apply another coat. This tip first surfaced in April of 1963. I have had artists use this on me but they actually repeated and blotting and application process on more time through. So blotting twice and reapply 3 times. And now a days we even use eye shadows on the lips in shades of whites or golds to pop the lips or make them appear larger
than they really are!

4) Bleeding lipstick. To keep lipstick from bleeding apply a little canceler or highlighter around lips. This tip first came out not that long ago in October of 2011. But this tip will actually do two things it can make your lips look bigger depending on how you apply it as well as keep your lipstick from bleeding.

5) Fragrance much. Everybody likes to smell good but sometimes you can overpower the room. I have even had a perfume accident, spilling it all over me! No matter what the reason this tip is a good one to remember because you are bound to use it at least once in this lifetime and if you know this trick your friends will be impressed! If you overdo it with perfume, dab a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on to your skin. The alcohol will cut the scent without altering it. This tip has been around saving us since September of 1992.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks’ blast from the past tips! Read, Enjoy and share!

Brittney’s Tips-Sensational Scents For You & Dad

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Fresh scents to make you feel flawless

Gucci Guilty- SO you know that smell that makes all the boys drool and act like their children because their automatically attracted and you don’t want any other female to know the secret because you want all the attention for yourself? I am pretty much kicking myself for releasing this sexy little secret to all you lovelies. Working in a basketball arena around a lot of men, I have never gotten such positive response from a perfume or complimented 100% of the time by my fragrance as I did with this perfume. It is sexy, subtle, seductive, and leaves an irresistible smell that guys seem to go coo coo for! I don’t think any other phrase but “yummy” is the best expression to explain it-when it comes to men and this perfume. I will say the only down-fall would be that it does not last as long as I would desire, but it is probably my favorite. If I were to describe a movie it reminds me of when I wear it, the movie would have to be Cruel Intentions. Also, the cost is great! I would say it is an average price for a true perfect perfume. 1.6 Ounce $77 2.5 Ounce $99,

Other Must Have Picks:
Victoria Secrets Tease 1.7 Oz $49 (Not easy to travel with)
Georgia Armani Acqua Di Giola 1.7 Oz $69
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 1.6 Oz $90
Tom Ford Black Orchid 1.7 Oz $112
Tom Ford Costa Azurra 1.7 Oz $215
Cartier La Panthere 1.6 Oz $108
Pink Sugar Pink Sugar 1.7 Oz $45

Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Your Hubby, Dad, or for your favorite boy toy!

Creed Aventus – Lets just talk about a to die for head to toe cologne for a man. This was God’s creation to a man this cologne will have you at hello. Creeds creations are absolutely irresistible and hard to stop wanting to take a wiff after you have had one. Creed is also every lasting and last a man a full 24 hours which we as ladies know is a tough task for a cologne to conquer with all their manly sweat! But this cologne I think may be one of the best from Creed. I am a Huge creed cologne fan I will say they come with quite a price though. For a good up to par alternative for a lower cost, I highly suggest Yves Saint Laurent Le Homme which is pretty magnificent as well! 1 Oz $175 2.5 Oz $290 4 Oz $350 8.4 Oz $470

Other perfect Picks:
Yves Saint Laurent Le Homme 2 Oz $67
Creed Himalaya 1 Oz $175
Creed Green Irish Tweed 1 Oz $175
Versace Eros 1.7 Oz $62
Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb 1.7 Oz $90
Tom Ford Noir 1.7 Oz $100
Paco Rabanne Invictus 1.7 Oz $62
Versace Man Eau Fraiche 1.7 Oz $59
Chanel Allure Homme Sport 3.4 Oz $89

Brittney Randolph

Nailed It! Amazing New Nail Product

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I am obsessed with nails and nail polish. I try to stay on trend with the new colors and latest products. I am always trying the newest and best. The product you choose for nail color is super important because some products can cause premature aging of the hands.

Why is Vinylux the best choice for nails?

1. I have been using Vinylux for a month, and I absolutely love this product!

2. I will never use acrylic or shellac again.

3. Shellac has damaged my hands.

4. Acrylics and shellac have damaged my natural nails.

5. Regular nail polish chips within 2-3 days.

6. Vinylyx is fast! There is almost no drying time:)

7. Vinylux last on my nails for almost two weeks!

8. Vinylux is cost-effective.

The problems with Shellac:

1. Please keep in mind using UV lights with shellac will cause sun damage and potentially cause skin cancer. Always apply sunscreen before getting shellac.

2. Applying shellac to your natural nail bed will always damage your nails.

3. Soaking your hands in acetone will cause premature wrinkling and aging of hands.

The problem with Acrylic:

1. Applying acrylics to your natural nail bed will always damage your nails.

2. Soaking your hands in acetone will cause premature wrinkling and aging of hands.

How do you get Vinylux?

Vinylux is a very new product with a patent pending. This is the Vinylux website . You can view a video about Vinylux at .

Most salons do not carry Vinylux. You can purchase this product at Ulta. There are over ninety trendy, color choices. I purchased Vinylux in Rubble at a local Ulta for $10.50, and the top coat for $10.50. This product requires no base coat, but Vinylux will not work without the Vinylux top coat.

You can take Vinylux and the top coat to a local salon, and ask for a polish change. A polish change at most nail salons is about $10-$20. This has almost no drying time, and Vinylux will last over a week and a half on nails and about two weeks on toe nails. Hope you enjoy this amazing, new long-lasting, cost-effective product that the salons do not want you to know about!

Make Brow Contact Before Eye Contact

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Eyebrows shaping is not just service for Cori Aston. It is her art. Cori is well-known throughout Houston as an amazing eyebrow expert, and make-up artist. Cori shapes my eyebrows, and shared 5 awesome tips with me.

1. Apply castor oil nightly to your eyebrows and your lash line, making sure it touches the hair follicles. Castor oil will make eyebrows thicker, stronger, and longer. Apply castor nightly and new growth will be noticeable within 2-6 weeks. This will save a great deal of money because the cost of castor oil is about $5 for a 8 ounce bottle, and the cost of brow and lash serums is about $80 – $150.

2, Always thread or tweeze eyebrows, Waxing can cause scarring, reduce hair growth, and cause wrinkles.

3. Thicker eyebrows frame the face and make the face appear more youthful. Be careful not to over-tweeze eyebrows.

4. Use 2 shades to fill in eyebrows. Use darker shade to fill any gaps in eyebrow. Under-eyebrow gets a darker shade and the top of the eyebrow gets a lighter shade. This will create impact without overpowering.

5. Use a Spoolie brush to brush the eyebrow, which will create a soft appearance. Then, spray the eyebrows with a small bottle of hairspray instead of brow gel, which will also save money.

Mention this blog post, and you will get 25% off a makeup application when you purchase an eyebrow service. Cori can be reached at and 713-907-1490.