Nikki Bartlett’s 5 Photo Ready Makeup Tips

Nikki Bartlett

Nikki Bartlett is an amazing makeup artist. She has been doing my hair and makeup for major events for several years. Nikki attended Sam Houston University and has a degree in Graphic Design, and she has over 8 years of experience as an accomplished Makeup Artist. Not only is she a talented makeup artist, but she is also incredibly talented at hair styling. I can give her a picture of any updo, and she creates it easily. Nikki has worked with many talented photographers and has 5 fabulous photo ready makeup tips.

1. Picture Perfect Complexion

SPF protects skin from harmful rays during the day, but photographs poorly because SPF creates a pale appearance. When you want amazing pictures, skip SPF.

2) Creating a Dewy Glow

The best time to moisturize is after you shower or after you wash your face. Moisturize when skin is still moist. Moisturizers are intended to lock moisture into skin, not add moisture.

3) Create a Gorgeous Pout

Line your lips with your favorite lip liner. Then, fill them in with the same lip liner. Add your favorite lipstick over the lip liner. This will create the appearance of beautiful full lips.

4) Use Contouring to Create a Slimmer Nose

Many women confuse bronzers for contour. These are two very different things! Bronzers contain a slight shimmer to a full on shimmer and contour is a flat matte color. Bronzers should be applied to tops of cheekbones and center of nose for a dewy glow. However, contour should be placed under cheekbones and around the hairline to frame and warm-up the face. Contour is also used on the sides of the nose, which will create a slimmer appearance.

5) Long Lush Lashes

The trick to making your eyes look bigger and more open is sometimes not with eyeshadows. Your lashes are key for this trick. Curl really well with a good quality lash curler. Nikki recommends using Shu Uemura. Then, add a good layer of mascara. Increase drama by adding a second layer of mascara to outer lashes.

You can visit Nikki Bartlett’s website at . Appointment requests can be submitted online or by phone at 281-704-5634.

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