Summer 2015 Makeup Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Tammie and Taylor theresa's

Glam up your weekend and stay hot with these easy, quick makeup tips-Taylors’s top 5 What’s Hot & Tammie’s Top 5 What’s Not. Stay current-know what to try and what to avoid.

What’s Hot:

1) Summer time FUN! Put some color on those lips. Bring on the pinks, berries, peaches, bright orange-reds and more! Remember when trying out this look to think about your outfit and eye makeup when playing with lip colors. Also, try putting your lips on first ladies before you put on your blush and bronzer. You may need a little less depending on the lip color.

2) When in doubt wings out – It’s all about the winged eyeliner in 2015! Adding a little line to the outside corner of your eye may sound simple enough, but it must be done cleanly and correctly. You can use a pencil or go with a liquid liner to accomplish this look. If you use a pencil, you may also want to take a liner/angle eyebrow brush and go over it with black shadow. This will create a deeper impact, and refined wing tip.

3) Brown is the new black – On the eyes that is…eyeshadows and smokey looks done in the brown and taupe family are so in for Summer 2015! I also feel like this brown eyed beauty craze perfectly coincides with the khaki and military green fashion trend happening right now. It’s a match made in heaven!

4) Eye popping color – This next trend is still all about the eyes but in a very colorful way. This pop art eye makeup got a little crazy on the runway but we have seen it done beautifully in pale blues on the lid almost like eyeliner. Another really hot shade to try on the eyes is purple. I also love putting a color liner on the inside of the lower lid which is also on trend. Recently, Kim Kardashian was spotted sporting this look with a bright aqua on display on the inside of her lower lid.

5) Bare naked – looking that is. This barely there makeup look is just that…a look so don’t freak ladies. You will still get to use the bare necessities to achieve this effortless natural look. You will need a fine powder, light blush, pinky-nude lipstick and a little mascara. But, remember it is supposed to look like you have nothing on!

What’s Not:

1) Contouring can create an appearance of beautiful, sculpted cheekbones, and a smaller nose. This spring it is all about natural contouring. Noticeable contouring is so last season.

2) Fake-looking lashes are a thing of the past. This season natural lashes are what’s hot. All you need is a good quality mascara-Maybelline Lash Blast mascara and Dior Show are excellent choices. Apply several coats, and you are ready to go. If you still want to wear fake eyelashes, a natural look is on trend.

3) Plumped, injected lips have been popular for quite a while and over-drawn lip liner. Over-drawn lips are out this season. If you want to create a fuller lip, light pastel shades and lip gloss will make your lips appear fuller and create a more natural appearance. The idea is to make your lips look proportionate to the rest of your face. Avoid the fake-look lip this season.

4) Frame your face-Eyebrows are so important the wrong shaped eyebrow can completely destroy your overall look. The overly squared eyebrow that is heavily drawn in with a pencil looks harsh and fake: this look is out this season. The natural look is simple to achieve. Always make sure your eyebrows are tweezed, or threaded following your natural arch. Then, lightly color them in with a pencil.

5) Nailed it-Say good-bye to eagle talon nail tips, and nail art. Enjoy your natural nails. Short nails are in this spring. Try natural looking colors or choose bright and bold. Just keep them short. I took my shellac off last week. At first, I didn’t like it at all. Now, I love my short nails. This nail trend will save you time and money!

Hope you all enjoy, like, and share the Friday Summer Makeup Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not this week. Visit the blog next Friday for more tips to glam-up your weekend! Wishing you all a fabulously, glam weekend!

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