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Shelia Ybarra’s Hot Makeup Technique: “Bake” Your Face in 6 Steps

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Sheila Ybarra is an amazing makeup artist with over 25 years of experience. Shelia has been the official makeup artist to the Houston Texan Cheerleaders for over 10 years, and her work is featured in Miss USA, David Tutera of My fair Wedding, MTV, and E!Online. Not only is she a talented makeup artist, but she is also incredibly talented with hair styling.

I have personally had private one-on-one makeup lessons with Shelia. Her makeup lessons are incredible! She is very detail oriented, patient, and video tapes the lessons. She showed me what color combinations looked best with my skin tone and taught me the proper technique to apply the makeup with brushes. Her makeup lessons have made me feel more confident and less stressed when I apply my makeup. I also love and use Shelia’s professional makeup line, luxury makeup brushes, and skin care products. Shelia has 6 tips that she shared on one of the hottest makeup techniques “baking.”

Have you tried the hottest trending makeup technique called “baking?”

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Don’t worry, we’re not talking about getting into the kitchen and making your own beauty products. Baking is the latest makeup technique to take over YouTube and Instagram. Actually, it is not a new technique at all, but rather a tried and true way to create a smooth, highlighted, creaseless finish. This technique is not for everybody. I would not suggest it on dry or flaky skin. If you have a normal to combination skin, this technique is perfect for you! Here’s how you do it:

1. Start with a flawless canvas by exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Apply foundation all over the face with a damp beauty blender patted into the foundation. A matte finish foundation is the best to use for this look. Stipple the moist sponge all over the face to create a light finished coverage. Do not forget to blend down the neck and into the ears.

2. Next, apply and blend in a creamy highlight over your entire t-zone and under the eyes-Makeup by Sheila has the perfect shades to choose from. Remember this shade should be at least two shades lighter than your foundation.

3. Then apply a micro fine loose powder in Bamboo over where you highlighted to soak up any oils and add brightness. This yellow-based, warm-hued transparent powder will give you a beautiful summer glow, for tan or olive skin tones. For those with a fair to medium complexion, I recommend the Translucent powder because it doesn’t add color but helps enhance the natural highlights of the face.

4. Dip a flat face sponge into the setting powder and pack more loose powder onto where you have highlighted your face. This powder should be very loose and not pressed into the skin too deeply.

5. Let this all “bake” on your face for about 10 minutes. This allows your body heat to melt the makeup into your skin and set and highlight the areas where applied. Make sure to let it sit a little bit longer on your T-zone areas if your oily.

6. Using a blush brush, apply a small amount of powder to your brush, then dust away any excess powder as you blend any harsh edges. Make sure to powder and set the rest of the face.

Shelia’s Product Suggestions:
Matte finish liquid
Setting Powders for baking in bamboo and transparent:

Shelia is a sought after makeup artist for weddings and bridal parties, pageants, and special events. You can follow Sheila Ybarra on Instagram @ makeupbysheila and check out her website at Appointment requests can be made online, or by phone at 281-935-7000 or 281-253-3815.

Better Bronzed: Taylor’s 2 Favorite Self-Tanners & Application Tips

Taylor Tanning Picture 2Alright Ladies NEWS FLASH…being pale and pasty is a thing of the past. Tan skin is in and it does not look like it is going anywhere! Many of you are probably saying to yourself Duh Taylor… But, if you are like me, and are blessed with “fair skin,” you have three options, laying out, tanning beds, or self-tanning! Two of the three cause skin cancer, horrible tan lines, burns, peeling and over time causes your skin to look like leather. That leaves most of us with the latter option, self-tanning.

Taylor’s 2 Favorite Self-Tanning Products

1. St. Tropez Self-Tanning Express Bronzing Mousse: This highly advanced product is brand new. This product is flying off the shelves and already received accolades from Allure Magazine! It’s a fast-acting tinted mousse that dries in 60 seconds and develops color in as little as one hour. It also features intelligent shade technology allowing you to select your desired shade. Just shower off when satisfied with your shade of tan. It’s dermatologist tested and is made from 100% natural tanning agents that contain no parabens, sulfates or phthalates. It will give you a streak-free tan with natural-looking results on all skin tones. It is available at Sephora for $44.

2. Neutrogena Micro Mist: This is my go to self-tanner. If I do not have time to run to the mall or my wallet is a little light, I use the dark shade 3 because I am very fair skinned. It is inexpensive at $9-$12 and can be found at any drug or grocery store. This ultra-fine mist covers evenly and is a no-rub application that will not clog pores. It’s one touch continuous spray works at any angle which is great for hard to reach places like your back and it dries in about 5 minutes. This product is oil-free and will not streak and for the price and availability this is a great option!

Taylor’s Self-Tanning Tips

1) Polish nails prior to tanning. Acetone will take off your tan!!!

2) Shave, exfoliate, and be completely dry before applying a self-tanner. I have found that for me the best way to exfoliate is with exfoliating gloves. You can pick these up at most any drug or grocery store. They are inexpensive and washable! They also allow you to really get those difficult spots well like your heels, toes, knees, and hands.

3) If you are using a rub on formula, I like to use latex gloves just as an added protection and a little piece of mind that my hands won’t look like I just left Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. (if you know what I mean:) Also, remember to be conservative on knees and heels. You can always add, but it is harder to take away. If using a spray formula, make claws with your fingers when spraying hands, and always hold your bottle at least 6-12 inches from area of application to achieve even looking color.

4) After application, allow yourself to dry completely. I also picked up this neat trick from a spray tan professional. Add baby powder to a large makeup powder brush and pat it behind knees, inside elbows and under arms. This trick will help you avoid sweating the self-tanner off over night or feeling sticky before putting on clothes.

5) If you are going to sleep in your tan, wear something loose fitting to sleep in to prevent it from rubbing off.

Hope you all enjoy, like, and share Better Bronzed: Taylor’s 2 Favorite Self-Tanners and Application Tips. Visit the blog next Friday for more tips to glam-up your weekend! Wishing you all a fabulously, glam weekend!