Friday Glam: Taylor’s 5 Quick Makeup Tips

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Oldies but goodies… Some of the best makeup tips from the past you may have forgotten about. Refresh yourself and see if you have been following these simple makeup rules all along! I have also included some new tips to go along with them enjoy the read and be prepared for the next time you need these tips!

1) Puffy eyes no more. Reduce puffy eyes with cold water or applying cold compress (ice cubes in washcloth) 15 seconds on and 15 seconds off. This little tip has been around since October of 1987. A fresh take on this tip would be to put your makeup primer in the fridge and apply to your skin cold prior to makeup application for the same type of results. The cold primer will reduce puffiness around the eyes just like the cold compress or water would. You can also try the spoon in the fridge trick too.

2) Mascara that misses its mark. This is an old one, but easily forgotten. I still catch myself messing this up! DON’T lower your chin when applying mascara thats how it gets on your upper lid. This tip first surfaced in April of 1971 and I still forget to keep my chin up. A fresh take on this makeup tip from the past is a spoon behind the lashes held against the eye lid to block mascara from the eye or a small shield that they make just for this reason. I am sure you can pick on up at Sephora or just grab a spoon from the kitchen, your eyes with thank you one day!

3) Long lasting lips. To make lipstick last longer allow it to set for a few minutes after applying. Blot lips with tissue and dust with powder, then apply another coat. This tip first surfaced in April of 1963. I have had artists use this on me but they actually repeated and blotting and application process on more time through. So blotting twice and reapply 3 times. And now a days we even use eye shadows on the lips in shades of whites or golds to pop the lips or make them appear larger
than they really are!

4) Bleeding lipstick. To keep lipstick from bleeding apply a little canceler or highlighter around lips. This tip first came out not that long ago in October of 2011. But this tip will actually do two things it can make your lips look bigger depending on how you apply it as well as keep your lipstick from bleeding.

5) Fragrance much. Everybody likes to smell good but sometimes you can overpower the room. I have even had a perfume accident, spilling it all over me! No matter what the reason this tip is a good one to remember because you are bound to use it at least once in this lifetime and if you know this trick your friends will be impressed! If you overdo it with perfume, dab a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on to your skin. The alcohol will cut the scent without altering it. This tip has been around saving us since September of 1992.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks’ blast from the past tips! Read, Enjoy and share!

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