Lisa Powers’ Powerful Packing Tips for Paris

I love being a stylist and helping my clients with their specific fashion needs. This is the perfect time of year to travel to Europe. So, many of my clients are asking, “What do I pack for Paris?” This is one of the trickiest destinations to pack for because the weather varies and of course, you do not want to look like a tourist! This past week I was invited to some fabulous fashion shows and many of the looks the models were rocking would be perfect to pack in your bag for your spring trip for Paris and similar destinations.

Traveling to Paris in the spring means that you will need to prepare for chilly evenings, varying daytime temps and the occasional bit of rain. So, stylish layering is essential. A great trench thrown over your shoulders for evening will be all you’ll need to take a day look to evening. An off the shoulder anorak, puffer, or bomber jacket over a light as air turtleneck will serve up instant chic whether you’re touring museums and art galleries or sipping cappuccinos at a quaint outdoor café. For the cooler areas, an unlined wool coat in a neutral shade will do the trick, but be sure to check the weather before you make that commitment! And for sure, don’t forget multiple scarves in various colors and lengths to change up your look, which will save you from having to pack the kitchen sink!!!!

Essentials for your travel wardrobe are t-shirts in black/white/and a pop of color. Because temperatures will vary, bring tanks or short sleeves, and long sleeves for different temps. I love all of the “girlpower” graphic tees out there! Have fun and let your individuality shine as you layer! Okay, practical note. MAKE FOR SURE that these tees can stand on their own and never wear a bottom layer that you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing alone.

Be sure to bring your favorite jeans in a cropped and full length. Denim is so hot right now, fun embellishments, destroyed or distressed details add a bit of edge and can help re-purpose a look from one day to the next. A cool black or navy cropped trouser is also essential, as some venues don’t allow jeans. My favorite option for this would be the track trouser to be worn with sneakers as an alternative to jeans. I always suggest bringing your favorite LBD when traveling, even if you plan on keeping it casual-you just never know! Don’t get caught without, trust me on this!

Also, arm yourself with one of the seasons amazingly cool sneakers for day, and for a little lift look for one of the many wedge sneakers, think Giuseppe Zanotti or Isabel Marant. For the ladies who just don’t do sneakers, the “Borrow from the Boys” trend may be the perfect solution. Stella McCartney or Stuart Weitzman has this covered with varying heights in Oxford and brogue “flatform” shoes that could be worn from day to casual evening. Pack one dressy shoe to go with that LBD, a fabulous black strappy sandal will do the trick! Just make sure you stuff them strategically with tissue paper and place them in those sleeper bags that you’ve been saving, so they will keep their shape while packed.

As for jewelry, this is something that many disagree with me on. I say, keep it simple. A diamond stud, a gold hoop, silver hoop, one statement necklace, your favorite watch, and one statement ring is all you need. Jewelry is the one thing that is often overlooked when packing. So, be sure to think about jewelry when packing!

Get packing, relax and enjoy your spring trip! For more styling help check out my website, or follow me on Twitter @ stylepointlmp or Instagram at stylepointlmp.

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