Perfecting Imperfections- Taylor’s 5 Friday Tips

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My sweet friend Taylor Lanning Minter is a former beauty queen and has fabulous makeup advice. Taylor was crowned Miss Bay Area USA in 2004 and Miss Houston in 2010. Today she is going to share her secrets to perfecting imperfections.

Ok John Legend since we don’t all look like your gorgeous wife and model Chrissy Teigen when we wake up in the morning, I am putting together my top 5 list on loving your perfect imperfections and how to maybe camouflage them a little 🙂

1) Blend your way to perfection – The Beauty Blender is a must have for every woman, I mean come on ladies they call it makeups best friend! I am a Beauty Blender believer… And if you don’t want to listen to me maybe you should listen to every other magazine, makeup artist or celebrity bragging about it. It is a small investment at $19 and do not try to get a cheaper imitation. This is the real deal, just wet this tiny little miracle under the sink and beat that little face beautiful. It has a great egg shape for both large and small surface areas. It eliminates lines and streaks, gets into tiny creases, and is great for blending in contouring!

2) Bags and lines… We don’t like them in the airport and we don’t like them on our face – Have no fear ladies COVERGIRL Professional loose powder is here! This is one of my favorite products to share with friends. It is a translucent powder that I put on top of my liquid highlighter or foundation. It goes under the eyes using a fluff brush or your Beauty Blender to get rid of bags and lines and make you appear to have slept for 1,000 years even if your running on a couple hours. It also has another important job, catching all of your eyeshadow that falls from your eyes when using brushes. The best part is that it’s less than $7. I have bought similar powders from artists and makeup counters alike for $30 or more. Grab this on your next trip to the grocery store or get it online at .

3) Flawless foundation – If you have something you need to cover up or a bad break out, Kat Von D Lock It foundation is your answer !! I love this foundation and use it myself for when I am going to an event. It has amazing covearage but still looks smooth on the skin! If it can cover a tattoo it can probably handle whatever you need! It has no parabens and can be worn for 24 hours without coming off and contains natural polymers to help absorb oil and keep you matte. I use it with the Lock and Load setting mist which I put on the top 5 list a couple weeks ago. At $35 I feel like it is a great price and you can get it at

4) A sticky way to perfect – putting food on your face may be the BEST way to get that perfect looking skin you have been dreaming about. I personally love this tip and do it at home all the time…Honey mask. If your looking to get the glowing skin and maybe need some help fighting acne look to the bees for help. Buy a raw, unpasteurized honey at the store or local hive to make sure all the enzymes and nutrients are in tact. Simply apply the honey directly to your face up to twice a day for 10 minutes or up to an hour and then rise off with water when done. You will be amazed by the results, most people do not know that honey is the best natural antibiotic there is! Your skin will be glowing, feel amazing, and you will see blemishes vanish!

5) Scrubbing out stretch marks and cellulite – Tis the season to swim and for some of us that may cause high anxiety about how we look in our swim wear. I don’t care who you are every woman has cellulite somewhere… and most mothers have stretch marks from harboring our humans in our bellies for 9 months! I have a solution to help stretch marks fade and cellulite disappear. A coffee scrub is a great way to help these two issues. You can purchase online at or use the left over grounds from your coffee at home. The coffee is absorbed into the body through the skin (our largest organ) and the caffeine helps to increase blood flow and circulation. Resulting in beautiful skin that is ready for the teeny weeny bikini or anything else for that matter.

Hope you all enjoy, like, and share Perfecting Imperfections: Taylor’s 5 Friday Tips. Visit the blog next Friday for more tips to glam-up your weekend! Wishing you all a fabulously, glam weekend!

Author-Taylor Lanning Minter

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