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Staci Henderson was recently nominated as one of Houston’s best dressed by CultureMap’s Stylemaker Awards. At Tootsie’s on October 14th, she won the loudest applause, which moved her to tears. Staci is not only stylish, but she also has a big heart. She dedicates a great deal of her time raising funds for various Houston charities including Houston Children Give Back, Love146, Jamie’s Hope, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Fresh Arts and Learn Grow Lead. In August, she rocked the runway to support The Women’s Home at their annual re-New and re-Do Fashion show.

Staci is also a long time Houston resident and graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in English Linguistics. Not only does she stay busy with fundraising, but she is also a fabulous wife and mother of five children. Staci manages to do all of these things and maintain a beautiful sense of style, which is always on trend. This is why I asked Staci to share 10 stylish tips.

Staci’s Top 10 Fashion Tips

1) Be yourself. If you don’t like skinny jeans, or if the high waist trend doesn’t suit you, feel free to opt out. Know your body and what looks good on you, and don’t let yourself fall prey to every trend.

2) Find a good tailor. The way clothing fits on your body (or doesn’t) says a lot about your attention to detail. Make sure things are the correct length and width. You can add ten ponds to yourself with bunched up clothing or visible undergarment lumps and bumps.

3) Lingerie with lace and bows is fantastic for your love life. Nude “no show” bras, underwear and shape wear are your friend.

4) Only flaunt one body party at a time. Great legs? Show them…but not with cleavage and a bare back as well. You can go from classy to trashy in a minute.

5) Work with what god gave you. Blessed with curly locks? Embrace them. Nobody wants to live in fear of humidity or spend $500 a month on blow outs.

6) Shop everywhere. Don’t restrict yourself to certain stores or designers. It’s nice to have “go to” places, but to have a truly eclectic wardrobe you should consider vintage, resale, and online sites.

7) Consider a pop of color. I like to wear shoes or carry a bag that doesn’t completely match what I’m wearing. The unexpected placement of a bright color in your hand or on your feet makes your outfit look fresh and fun.

8) Don’t go au natural. No matter how drop dead gorgeous you are, we all look better with makeup. You don’t have to paint on a full face, but you must have groomed eyebrows, eyelashes (natural if you are lucky…fake if you’re me), and some lip gloss. You’ll just look more polished and accentuate your beauty.

9) Invest in good shoes that look amazing and feel good. I hear so many women say they don’t wear heels because they are uncomfortable. If that’s the case consider and open toe, a wedge or a high block heel instead of a pointy toe stiletto.

10) Keep a fashion emergency kit on hand. Always have safety pins, double sided tape, and nude silicone pasties on hand just in case.

Hope you all enjoy, like and, share Staci’s stylish tips. Visit the blog next Friday for more glam tips. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! xoxo

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