Taylor’s 5 Tips-Hot Summer Colors

Taylor red dress

1 White on white on white – Keep it simple this summer but also stay on trend go with white from head to toe! It is easy and you will be white hot for 2015. You are bound to be able to throw this look together without having to buy anything probably. White jeans or shorts with a white top…simple just keep it white 🙂

2. Catch a fella wearing yella – Yellow is not only bright and beautiful-it is so hot for summer 2015. You will not be missed in this bright stand out color! Go for a beautiful yellow sundress or a shoe. There are also so many shades of yellow to play with and find the right shade for your coloring and skin tone!

3. Salute your greens and kakis – Military green and kaki have become all the range this season and are must have shades for the summer. If you do not have these colors in your wardrobe you should drop and give me 20. Put the two colors together or wear them separately it does not matter as long as you wear them this season!

4. 2015 is all about the blue and white. You can see this trend everywhere right now…navy and white, royal blue and white or cobalt blue and white. There is a color combo for this trend that would look good on everyone. And, with our nations freedom celebration quickly approaching this might be your must have look for the holiday. This trend is also perfect for a nautical look which is also a popular theme for summer 2015!

5. Red HOT summer – We all know Houston gets HOT in the summer but let’s make it even HOTTER with red!!! This gorgeous color can’t be missed and looks great on everyone. Be sure to grab everyone’s attention as the woman in the red dress! If it is too bold of a color for you, try using it as a pop of color with jewelry or a jacket or blazer.

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